What we do

Creative Workshops

Our creative interventions empower older people to regain their voice in society. We encourage imagination, storytelling both personal and fanciful and being down right silly.

We prefer to deliver our bespoke workshops in small groups and even with individuals to give them a meaningful interaction, which is tailored to them and how they wish to interact in that particular moment.

We have found in our experience that our workshops work best when delivered weekly over a period of time. After all creativity is like a muscle, when used regularly it is built up to achieve something otherwise seemingly unattainable.

The workshops we deliver include; (this is not an exhaustive list)
• Poetry- including creating their own, exploring and repeating poetry.
• Puppetry- including exploring, telling stories and making shadow puppets, hand puppets and marionette.
• Creative reminiscence - including using reminiscence objects, pictures and tailored responses.
• Music- including exploring, making soundscapes and singing well known songs together.
• Storytelling- we all love telling and listening to a good story and we encourage this through our workshop allowing time for own stories, group stories and nonsensical stories.

Wonderment training

Created to help staff members and family carers to see the wonderment of the person they are supporting.

Enriching Lives training

Designed especially for community groups who are supporting people living with Dementia or looking to continue to support current members who are starting with early stages of Dementia.

Supported Dementia training

For family members or friends who are supporting a person through their Dementia Journey.

Here at Enrichment for the Elderly we like creativity and enrichment of peoples lives to go far beyond our weekly interventions in care homes and day centres.

This is why we offer Wonderment training for care staff and activities co-ordinators. This training encourages staff to look at dementia in a more creative light and gives a practical guide to enriching resident’s life throughout the care experience.

Although objectives such as an enhanced understanding of dementia and creativity will be achieved the training is bespoke to your needs which will leave you or your members of staff empowered and inspired to go back to work and make a difference.

Please contact us for more information about training opportunities.

Shadowing experience

We know that sometimes you want your staff or relatives to learn skills from us at Enrichment at the Elderly from watching us at work. This observation is then backed up at regular intervals by training and discussion about creativity, dementia and meaningful moments.

This unique training and shadowing experience encourages everyone in a care setting to learn about how creativity can be quickly and easily incorporated into everyday moments. Longevity is created and creativity can remain long after the Enrichment for the Elderly invention.

For more information about Shadowing please do not hesitate to contact us.

Working with Younger People

We offer Dementia Awareness days where the whole school can get involved in understanding dementia and what we can do to help through creative workshops exploring themes, symptoms and of course a little fun!

Using puppets to explore often difficult themes we can get the young people thinking about Dementia in a way which is engaging and uses play theory

Here at Enrichment for the Elderly we know how important working together can be especially between different generations. So we organise and like to be part of intergenerational projects which encourage creativity and learning for both generations.


Want to know how to make your company more dementia friendly? Want to engage people living with Dementia and their carers? Then get in touch!